Love Theme From Kiss is the eighth track off KISS' self-titled debut album. The instrumental “Love Theme From KISS” was regularly a part of the band’s live set during the club era. Originally part of a larger piece called “Acrobat,” the “Love Theme From KISS” section was the first distinct part of the instrumental, with the second half appearing to be something of a jam during gigs. During the recording of the KISS album, the piece was split, simply retaining the instrumental rather than the jam commonly referred to as “Much Too Young.” At what stage the song was split remains a mystery...

Producers and band members had refused to comment on whether the full piece was recorded during the album sessions and when the split actually took place. Gene has recently confirmed that the full song was recorded during the first album sessions, but that the producers cut the second part of the instrumental and suggested the change in name of the piece. This possibly helps explain the rather long (25 seconds) fade out of the piece, which would have originally been part of the transition into the jam.

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In Their Own WordsEdit

Gene Simmons - "Love Theme From Kiss was shortened way down. It was originally seven minutes long. It started off with an instrumental and then it went into another section called "Your Much Too Young". Acrobat became Love Theme From Kiss and then it whent off into a "Detroit Rock City riff wich paul ripped off but never gave me credit for it.

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